if you haven’t moved your body in a while…

this may be an unpopular opinion but…
I think the pauses in our movement practice are the deepest wells for excavation.
life happens.
sometimes, daily movement gets lost in the waves of our daily life.
sometimes, it varies in intensity and duration based on what our nervous systems need.
sometimes, adaptability to the wildness of life’s mysteries is what’s asked of us.
but is the true purpose of exercise really to show up every day on the mat at the same time, at the same intensity, with no variation, or pause for integration?
I feel the dancing mystics brought us this wisdom, not for us to spin it into a neurotic standard, but more likely for us to spiral in co-creation with the rhythms of our lives.
in the moments we feel stiffness or disconnection from our bodies, I think this is the body saying we are destined to find that pulse of life again.
I think our blooming embodiment actually lives in the sticky moments where we choose to begin moving again.
when we face the cobwebs that formed in our absence, and kindly dismantle them.
water being, you are invited to join us in the aura toning journey.
return. return. return. return.
maybe you’ll make funky shapes
maybe your muscles will ache
maybe you’ll feel sloppy,
maybe you’ll even get a visit from shame.
be strong, water being…don’t lose heart.
bask in the humble teaching
of of a new start.
let your cells drink it in…
rest your mind in the soft embrace of your wise heart.
then from this place…
just start.
we will begin again on the Spring Equinox, 3.21.
this container is a window of time to redirect your energy towards hydrating, life-giving movements, and dive deep into your own body journey.
I’m so excited for us to begin. You can join us in a class, cleanse, and more. All is pre recorded so you can go at your own pace.
Whether you are revitalizing a resting movement practice, or are just looking for an energy tune up, this is for you

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