Aura Toning™ is a unique workout that helps you transform your energy using movement, water, and light.
The Aura Toning method works with the waters of the body to transform trapped energy into new, alive energy, (light,) which helps us feel energized, radiant and in love with life.
Give yourself an aura tune-up from the inside out
feel the alchemy of water and light
Remember the living love that you are
Join the movement
is the creatress


and founder of Aura Toning. Rianne pours her unique feminine and mystical lens into workouts, offering a body ceremony that feels beautiful, cleansing, and fun for our mind, body, and spirit. She has been in the yoga and wellness industry for a decade. Her mission is to help women and men gently clear away illusion and rediscover the Love resonance within by water blessing through movement.

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“Gentle, nourishing, and confident, every movement had its roots in yoga but somehow felt completely distinctive because of the focused intention of connecting with water and our own waters within. Much more than a yoga class, it is a water ceremony and aura attunement through movement of your own body, where Rianne lets you be healer, she is a true guide.”
-Mel Nahas, Conscious City Guide 2024