Aura Toning is a unique and transformational workout focused on toning the physical, energetic, and emotional body created by Rianne Vestuto.
This experience blends a fitness class and healing ceremony into one radiant experience for the physical, energetic, and emotional body. This low-intensity mat workout blends physically challenging and fluid feminine movement to inspire healing and transformational from the inside out.  Influenced by pilates, yoga, and somatic healing techniques, these intentional movements lengthen, tone, and accentuate the muscles of the body, while engaging energy clearing practices to still the mind and tone the aura. At the end of each class, there is a water blessing to integrate the healing that is done, and there is an aura reading that is unique to each group.
Give yourself an energy healing from the inside out
Bring your intuition into your fitness routine
Reclaim your body as sacred space
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movement teacher, artist, and founder of Aura Toning, exploring the healing nature of the radiant feminine. Her work is helping women and men gently clear away illusion and activate their pure essence through movement and energy. Rianne is dedicated to transforming lives through the alchemy of movement and is bringing her unique feminine lens to fitness, which led her to create Aura Toning– the spiritual workout that is also an embodied journey dedicated to ever-deepening truth and love. 

Dive deeply into your own aura in a bespoke healing Aura Toning 1 on 1 ceremony.
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“Aura Toning with Rianne was an ancient art of feminine devotion merging with a contemporary strengthening practice. Somewhere between the lines of trance and alchemy, Rianne has remembered a sacred practice that has served many healing women of our past, and many devotional women to come. Plus, it was fun! Thank you, Rianne!”
-Olivia Morisey