• “After Aura Toning, I felt the same as if I’d just been to visit a waterfall – clear, open, and fluid. My husband immediately noticed something different in my energy. The effects continued: the next day, he said ‘it’s like you’re not holding so much’. I’ve struggled to find a movement practice that doesn’t feel like I’m being a drill sergeant to myself; rather, one that helps me holistically and authentically connect to my body so I can sustain the commitment to movement. Aura Toning is it. Thank you, Rianne, I can’t wait to come back to class.”

    -Saga Blane
  • A few months ago, I was introduced to Rianne and Aura Toning. Her class is fluid, leading participants through energy, space and intuition utilizing movement of the waters of the body. I absolutely loved how lyrical and soft the class felt. By the end of the hour, I felt nourished and centered. It felt relevant. As I sat in meditation at the end of class I thought to myself, “this is it, this is the future of fitness”. It is individualized, it is deeply personal, it is soft.

    -Maya Oren
    Aura Toning Class
  • “Aura Toning truly is for EveryBODY! Rianne guides and supports you as you journey to reconnect with your body. As a person with a lot of physical pains, damage after medical procedures, and being bedridden to varying degrees over the last 16 years, my body needs extra care. Rianne encourages you to move in a way that best supports your needs. I left feeling no pain from the session and rediscovered my body in a way I never had before. I had been acutely aware of my body through the lens of pain. I hadn’t met my body any other way. Aura Toning opened the door to accessing my body without pain.”

    -Katy Buskirk
    Aura Toning Class
  • “I’m so grateful to Rianne and Aura Toning for the beautiful marriage of movement and ceremony they create. It’s not always easy for me to ground and stay in my body. Aura Toning gently brought me back into embodiment and gave me some practical ways to invite the systems of my physical body to work together in harmony. This modality is something I’d love to incorporate on a regular basis – because it feels so good knowing that I’m intentionally working with my physical, spiritual and emotional bodies in unison and with so much reverence.”

    -Samantha Boersma
    AURA TONING 1 on 1
  • “Aura Toning with Rianne was an ancient art of feminine devotion merging with a contemporary strengthening practice. Somewhere between the lines of trance and alchemy, Rianne has remembered a sacred practice that has served many healing women of our past, and many devotional women to come. Plus, it was fun! Thank you, Rianne!”

    -Olivia Morrisey
  • ” I still so often think of our one on one aura toning and the way you looked at me with such love and understanding. It’s the way you’ve seen me since we met, so much love in your eyes. You see me and through your eyes you help me to see me, the person I’ve been fighting so hard for. You remind me of loved ones who see this version of me and that I am and deserve to be witnessed. I can’t thank you enough for all of your medicine and powerful work. It is always a treasure to work with you. Through this knew sight and shedding voice I grown deeper into myself.”

    -Aly Beacom
  • Aura Toning with Rianne is such a special gift. The practice itself provides a powerful tool for connecting the physical and spiritual bodies. As someone with very cerebral tendencies, it is so important for me to get out of my head and into my body. Aura Toning helps me to do this in such a natural way, where the movements feel like I am strengthening my whole self, and clearing stagnation not only from my physical body but from my energetic body as well.


    Rianne as a facilitator is such a welcomed beam of light. In her presence (even from behind a screen,) you can’t help but feel her essence. She uplifts and brightens the room, and in doing so, encourages others to do the same. She has an incredible gift for really witnessing each person, both individually and as a group. I love hearing the collective aura reading at the end of class, which is always so unique and resonant. I leave each class feeling like I had an energy clearing, and a bit more connected to myself. Thank you Rianne!

    -Anna Kreitzer
  • “Aura Toning weaves so many modalities together to create a truly unparalleled magical offering. Rianne’s ability to read auras and energy really gives you a special personalized experience. I have taken five classes so far and I am so in love with this class. It feels like a beautiful energetic clearing of the clutter. During the guided meditation and aura reading portion, I can feel so much energy flowing to my crown. The visuals I see listening to her speak are incredible. Rianne teaches in such a kind  and loving manner which makes you feel wholly and totally accepted as you are. This class is for EVERYONE. I will be continuing and I recommend you all give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!”

    -Ashley Jabara
    Aura Toning Classes
  • “Aura Toning is the perfect blend of serenity and intensity, challenging the mind to stay present and empowering the body to stretch and strengthen. I loved the class so much and felt incredibly inspired by the activation I received while connecting to my aura at the end. Such a beautiful fusion of spirit and matter… thank you Rianne!”
    -Autumn Richardson
  • “Being in Rianne’s Aura Toning class I felt so supported to be in my spiritual practice while exercising my physical body. She has such a beautiful refined way of weaving together the etheric & the fiery physical realms that left me feeling as if my soul was really given room to incarnate more fully through this conscious movement practice. Her readings on the energetic side of class and each of our auras was insightful and a special cherry on top! Highly recommend her classes if you’re looking for an attuned teacher to help you embody more of your spirit in action “

    -Sita Kiara
  • “I didn’t know what to expect but I definitely had a good feeling about you. The class was unlike anything I have experienced before. So much care, intention and held space. It was so special. It is still with me and think will be for some time. I feel so grateful.”

    -Marianne Sundquist
  • “Aura Toning is whole person healing. My body returned to a state of greater balance and awareness. My heart sparkled and amplified in its warm cocoon of love. My mind blissfully floated in the waters of serenity. My spirit boldly and joyfully said “welcome back”. I equally integrated within deeper and expanded myself further. Aura Toning is Wholeness embodiment.”

    -Katy Buskirk
  • Aura Toning is a mind/body workout that has really shifted my relationship with my body from ‘you must go work out’ to ‘wow, it feels so good to move.’ I really recommend trying it out. This one is for my fellow empathic folks.
    -Lala Jackson
    Aura Toning Class
  • Something about aura toning, and I still can’t put my finger on it but, something about it really allowed me to step into my heart. In a way that I never really had before. To say I was impacted by aura toning, would be an understatement. It shifted something inside of me that I didn’t know was there, and I am so grateful Rianne has cultivated this practice. If you’re into movement, energy work, dancing, spirituality, or healing work…..aura toning is something you will really love. Highly recommend.
    -Annie Lusi
    Aura Toning Class
  • “I felt so clear after aura toning. My mind felt clear and I felt a sense of calm within- the kind of silence after an intense healing session. I also felt very comfortable embodying and expressing my sexual energy (something that I often do not feel safe doing). It was a beautiful and luxurious movement experience. I will absolutely be aura toning again.”

    -Alexandra Naomi Copp
    Aura Toning Class
  • Aura Toning is a combination of movement & emotional release. I found myself arriving to class with a migraine, could barely see, and decided to move through it anyways. It was the best thing I could’ve done. Rianne guided me through an experience that left me connected to my center, to my truth, and feeling free. She makes you feel seen and safe. If you’re in need of a release, wanting community, or needing intentional movement in your life, sign up for Aura Toning! Your heart will be happy you did!

    -Shelby Jutras
    Aura Toning Class
  • Rianne has been a tectonic plate-shifter for me. I’m not sure if I would have been able to keep becoming myself if it weren’t for Rianne. When I started working with her, I was about three years deep in unraveling old, unproductive mindsets, in digging through old traumas, and I had not yet learned how to love myself or take care of myself through it all. Rianne is able to nudge us more towards ourselves in such a nurturing way. She is uniquely intuitive, connected, and thoughtful. Her deep connection with spirit, and the universe, which appears to come with so much ease that it would be easy to underestimate its power and strength, allows her to lovingly point out patterns and opportunities for shifts in a kind way that turns out to be tectonic- foundation shifting. As I’ve looked through my old writings and journals that I’ve kept in the year since I began working with Rianne, I’m floored by how much I’ve grown–and now have the tools to continue to keep growing–into the woman I had always hoped but didn’t know if i had the strength and wisdom to become.

    -Lala Jackson
    Aura Toning 1 on 1
  • “I didn’t know what to expect from Aura Toning- but, the name intrigued me! The movements were flowy and yoga-like, but done with specific intention. It’s a great physical workout, but what surprised me most was that it felt like it wrung out and stuck areas of energy and stagnation in my joints, etc., so that trapped emotions were able to move. I was surprised at how impactful an online class could be! It helped me locate & release stuck energy in places I didn’t even realize I was holding onto. I found that the results continued to work, days past the session, as any energy that needs to be released dissipates & your aura is cleared and integrated. I also loved the water blessing and hearing Rianne’s intuitive messages at the end of each session.

    Later, I was especially fortunate to receive daily in person sessions at a retreat with Rianne. Each beautiful session was curated to correspond to what we were going through in the workshops. Aura Toning was such an essential part of the retreat & helped me open, receive, release bless, and integrate.

    If you do any kind of caretaking or healing work, or if you are on a personal healing journey,  Aura Toning is a wonderful supportive adjunct.”

    -Dione Lei
    Aura Toning Classes and 1 on 1 Sessions
  • Thank you for showing me hope and confidence and embracing the true me!! Seriously from the bottom of my heart.

    Aura Toning 1 on 1
  • My Spirit Baby Reading was an amazing gift that will continue to live on. This session helped me to feel so much more at ease about the path that my soul is calling me on– in regards to being a mother but also embracing and leading a more spiritual life that is outside the paradigm I’ve been used to operating in. This reading was such a gift and a blessing and I’m so grateful to you and all of your beautiful talents. Thank you a million times over. I really needed to connect with these Spirit Babies to remember my true self and why I’m here and to remember that Spirit is leading towards a beautiful, happy life– a life of my dreams that my mind would never have imagined possible or been able to create. So grateful for this gift and to be able to connect with my spirit babies on such a deep level. I feel their presence more now and notice myself welcoming them with open arms.

    -Rachael Todd
    Spirit baby
  • This offering was truly one of the most beautiful healing sessions I’ve ever received. I understood details about two spirit babies of mine but the more important info was what they had to offer me. Guidance for now. How to embody who I am, so I can pave the clearest path for them to come through. I can’t wait to go deeper.

    Spirit baby
  • The preparation, communication and safe space that Rianne holds is so powerful. 

    Her presence and guidance from the beginning, throughout, into the end was so organic and in flow, and really allowed me to relax and go deeper. I could feel the presence of my spirit baby integrated in my field and it felt so loving and wonderful.

    The experience deepened the connection I had and allowed me to feel more comfortable listening and expressing with my spirit baby. 

    Rianne’s insights were clear and on the nose, affirming a lot of what I had felt and heard, and she suggested fun practices and tips for me to try, bringing to light areas I never explored before.

    -Sher Kirti
    Spirit baby
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