I believe
that our energy

is not meant to stay the same. It is meant to transform. Through cleansing, we are able to let go of old stories we are carrying in our body and aura, creating space and a vibrant connection with all of life. I created the Aura Toning method to help you guide the aura into alignment and flow from within, allowing stuck energy to naturally fall away.

I can see how light moves like water around people and nature, which led me to create this modality to help people strengthen their auras. I bring a unique, mystical, and love-based lens to exercise, and am really passionate about giving people a practice that feels beautiful, cleansing and fun for our body, mind, and spirit. 

I’ve always been very

sensitive and connected to my spirituality, but spent a lot of my early years dulling it down in efforts to fit in, and later hiding behind toxic habits and numbing out. It was a very heavy burden to carry this inauthentic expression of myself, and when I turned 18 I finally decided to start that process of letting it go. I am still unfolding and uncovering my own inner resonance by deeply connecting to my life-force through movement, creativity and nature. Through dedicating myself to this journey, I have found that no matter how much confusion or sadness I came onto my mat with, I would always be guided back to the simplest truth- I am Love. We are Love.

Deep down I always knew that I would create a movement class based on bringing us back to love. I started practicing yoga when I was three years old, and was deeply spiritual for as long as I can remember. I spent my late teens and my twenties immersing myself in ancient healing practices, earning a Bachelor of Science in Somatic Healing, 800+ hours of advanced yoga certification, 7 years of shamanic healing apprenticeship, certifying yoga teachers and teaching retreats internationally, and spent most of my spare time in self-study.

I know this is truly the very beginning, and I want to name some of the teachers I’ve met along the way, that I have deep respect, love, and appreciation for. They include Deborah Hanekamp, Jonathan Hammond, Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman Yee, who have simultaneously guided me and given me the opportunity to learn by doing.

I have yet to find something more authentic than water-work to help bring our mind, body and aura into clarity. And the more I worked with bodies, the more I have gotten to see the powerful transformations that occur. when people began to cleanse and restructure the waters of their bodies.

This integrated understanding that we are all water, that is so deeply felt that it can’t really be explained, will always be my North Star.

Aura Toning

works with water technology and movement to help light flow through the body and letting us feel healthy, pure, connected and alive.

I truly believe that movement, water, and light is the most authentic healing that is available to all of us. This is why the workout focuses on the facia, lymphatic system, and energy channels to bring the waters of the body into harmony and flow.

I recommend

committing to the classes weekly to allow yourself to see the results of consistently toning your aura.

Aura Toning is a way to redefine and tune up your energy field, and requires your dedication to see the full effects.

Dedication to Aura Toning will help you clear the layers you are carrying and reveal the light that you are at your core. So that you can bee your full luminescence.

I see life as

as a journey to ever-deepening truth of love. My intention is to help you remember this too.

Teaching this work is honestly the thing I love doing most. But I also love swimming in the Pacific Ocean, singing and dancing with my friends, creating art from nature, traveling, snuggling animals, and doing anything that makes me feel like I can fly.

is life, and our greatest teacher.

We are all water and light, and we are all so connected. Aura Toning is a place to feel this, to embody this, and to fall in love with being alive. I am so glad you’re here.

Aura toning
“Rianne is such a welcomed beam of light. She uplifts and brightens the room, and in doing so, she encourages others to do the same. She has an an incredible gift for really witnessing each person.”
-Anna Kreitzer