Spirit Baby

Another deep soul offering that is a part of Aura Toning, is for those who wish to conceive, are pregnant, and new mothers, called, Spirit Baby Readings.

As a seeress and a medium, I have been connecting with Spirit Babies for my whole life. For those who are familiar with any kind of heart-work, you may know that clients have a way of finding you even before you have the offering fully developed. I have been helping women connect with their spirit babies for a long time and am really excited to continue doing so in this deeper way through this container I’ve created.

What is a
Spirit Baby Reading?

Spirit Baby Readings is a deeper part of the Aura Toningjourney that connects you to your spirit babies, who are extremely powerful spirit guides that are in your aurathat want to connect and collaborate with you.

In these sessions, I will sit with you and open the space for Spirit Baby to connect, and guide you through the processes needed to create space for them to come through. I follow the flow of your spirit baby to exactly what is needed. This is deep healing work, and after our initial session we work together for a minimum of 3 months (time is individualized for each spirit baby and star mama’s needs.)

I draw on my vast array of modalities I have been guided to on my nearly a decade of experience and training in the healing arts to give you the most high quality and personalized care.
$222 for 1 reading
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This offering was truly one of the most beautiful healing sessions I’ve ever received. I understood details about two spirit babies of mine but the more important info was what they had to offer me. Guidance for now. How to embody who I am, so I can pave the clearest path for them to come through. I can’t wait to go deeper.