Spirit Baby

for those who wish to conceive, are pregnant, and new mothers.

What is a
Spirit Baby Reading?

Spirit Babies are important angelic spirit guides that are in your aura, wanting to connect and collaborate with you.

In Spirit Baby Readings, I will sit with you and open the space for Spirit Baby to connect, and guide you into your own aura and create space for them to express themselves. There will also be a Spirit Baby ceremony where we create an altar a floral foot bath that is customized to your spirit baby’s essence. Many describe this process as deeply special, because Spirit Babies are so intimately connected with you all the time.

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If you feel in your heart that a Spirit Baby Reading is for you, please send a message on the connect page with a few words about what draws you to a Spirit Baby Reading.

This offering was truly one of the most beautiful healing sessions I’ve ever received. I understood details about two spirit babies of mine but the more important info was what they had to offer me. Guidance for now. How to embody who I am, so I can pave the clearest path for them to come through. I can’t wait to go deeper.



The preparation, communication, and safe space Rianne holds is so powerful. Her presence and guidance from the beginning, throughout, into the end was so organic and in flow, and really allowed me to relax and go deeper. I could feel the presence of my spirit baby integrated into my field and it felt so loving and wonderful. The experience deepened the connection I had and allowed me to feel more comfortable listening and expressing with my spirit baby. Rianne’s insights were clear and on the nose, affirming a lot of what I had felt and heard, and she suggested fun practices and tips to try, bringing to light areas I never explored before.



My Spirit Baby Reading was an amazing gift that will continue to live on. This session helped me feel so much more at ease about the path that my soul is calling me on–with regards to being a mother but also embracing and leading a more spiritual life that is outside of the paradigm I’ve been used to operating in. This reading was such a gift and a blessing and I am so grateful to you and all of your beautiful talents. Thank you a million times over. I really needed to connect with these Spirit Babies to remember my true self and why I’m here and to remember that Spirit is leading me to a more beautiful, happy life- a life of my dreams that my mind would not have imagined possible or been able to create. So grateful for this gift and to be able to connect with my spirit babies on such a deep love. I feel their presence more now and notice myself welcoming them with open arms.