A gift
from Rianne:
Empath’s Aura Anatomy is a complimentary Aura Toning gathering designed to give you a deeper look into the aura, and give a very tempting taste of what the Aura Toning journey will give you.

Dear radiant being,

“I hope that this workshop helps you see a little bit more clearly into your unique, expansive, strong aura, and to remember that your flowing empathy is not meant to be caged.

Aura Toning was created specifically with empaths and healers in mind, and would love for you to join the Aura Toning Journey.

Aura Toning™ is truly unique, and its effects have truly been life changing for myself and for the participants. and I promise there is not anything like this out there in the fitness or energy healing market.
Each class is an energy healing ceremony and fitness class woven together, so that the healing is generated from deep inside of you. I can say with a full heart that committing to your Aura Toning practice is an investment that creates profound change and healing that will repay you many times over.”

With Love,

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