your flowing empathy is not meant to be caged.
Empath Aura Anatomy a somatic and etheric exploration of the empath’s aura. In this workshop you will learn how to nurture your intrinsically flowing aura, and how to protect and preserve your energy without building walls that cut off sensitivity & connection.

The Workshop

In this hour long workshop, you will learn about the empathic gift in a new way…through the anatomy of the aura.

We will be covering how to protect and preserve your energy without building walls that cut off sensitivity.

You will learn how to cleanse, build and nurture your intrinsically flowing aura and carry yourself with confidence in your empathic superpower.

Energetic boundaries for empaths are not about building walls.

As empaths, we have very specific auras that are designed to flow, and creating barriers is actually detrimental to our intrinsically generous spirits.

And psychic barriers do not actually protect our energy effectively.

Join me for a exploration into the empath’s aura, and experience a new way to align, protect and bless your energy in a way that is in alignment with your healing essence. This workshop will give you a peek into the inner workings of empathic energy field, and how I address them in Aura Toning.

The teachings in this workshop is usually privileged to Aura Toning 1 on 1 clients, and as I am seeing more and more incredibly talented empaths gravitating towards Aura Toning, I wanted to create an accessible container to share this topic. If you are an empath and curious about toning your aura, this workshop is for you.

The Origin

I started practicing yoga when I was three years old. I have been in teaching yoga and movement for a decade and practicing energy healing for 7 years.

When I was studying somatic & energy healing, I struggled with the concept “energetic barriers” that empaths were told to put up as a way to take care of themselves. I was told by teachers to “shield” and “put up walls,” but that never felt right for me.

To me, the gift of being an empath is that I AM able to feel so much, and be connected to the world around me. So while I desperately needed to learn how to not get lost in everyone’s energy and emotions, I just couldn’t get on board with blocking off the world and isolating from feeling…it felt like isolating from who I am.

In 2020, I created a movement/healing modality called Aura Toning, which works with the water of the body to help people transform their energy from the inside out. Through the creation of this modality, came this unique treatment for the empath’s aura that massively changed my life.

Not only did it help me easily protect and preserve my energy, it also helped me deepen into the true gift & superpower that empathy is. When I brought these tools to my 1 on 1 clients, I watched them transform from victim of their sensitivity to powerful wielders of their intrinsic magic.

I am so excited to share these gems (that until now have been privileged to 1 on 1 clients only) with you in Empath Aura Anatomy…I truly believe this to be key information for all empaths, sensitive beings, healers, artists, yoga teachers, parents, therapists, and anyone of all ages who spends lots of time in the realm of feeling.

The Structure

This workshop will include light movement, inward journeying, and energy cleansing. I recommend wearing loose, breathable clothing, and having a comfortable place to rest for our journey (blanket, eye pillow, etc) Please also bring water for drinking/blessing to the call.

The workshop will be followed by q&a.

Empath Aura Anatomy will be recorded, and the replay will be sent to those who cannot attend live.

*note: if you have questions you would like me to address on the call, please send them to rianne@auratoning.com up to 2 hours before we begin.

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