Why I Will Never Try To “Fix” You As A Healer

whether you are coming to see me for aura toning, a reading, or in any capacity, it is never my intention to fix or change you.
i believe that each person is given a unique life, with its own unique challenges, questions, and adventures.
how could I ever want to “fix” that?
the intention of my work is to see, respect, and love you, through all that you are experiencing on your journey.
i always see the highest potential for each being I sit with, and reflect this back to you through movements and words.
our session works like a little sprinkle of sun dew on your unique life adventure, and helps you experience the gift of your life from a renewed place.
this is why my at the end of a class or session, there is often a “shimmer effect” where your aura is literally sparkling…
because we have re-awakened that intrinsic light within your water body that was there all along.
it’s such a joy for me to help you call it forth, and see what you go on to create.

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